FREEWHEEL is a feature length documentary currently in production by Honest Outlaw Productions.

“Adventure awaits us in our forgotten infrastructures.  By re-organizing the detritus of our overstuffed American dreams we invent new horizons… a contemporary Huck Finn lashing logs together to build a raft…  automobile wheels, airplane seats, and bicycle pedals cobbled together to make a true American mutt.”
-Paul the Plumber

Set deep within the pedal-driven sub-culture of San Francisco's bicycle and machine-art fringe, FREEWHEEL is a feature-length documentary film which follows Paul the Plumber, a kinetic sculptor, junk re-purposer, and father of two. 

As we see him craft a series of rider-propelled adventure machines and live his life over the course of six years, Paul shows us the value of incorporating creativity into the everyday, and of never losing sight of the playful.

Across the tortured steel of abandoned railroad tracks to the dusty desolation of the Nevada desert, the muddy waters of the Mississippi River, and the hurricane hobbled haunts of New Orleans, Paul serves as our clown-guide to another America, one hidden behind grease, rust and common perceptions of what is valuable. 

Over the course of the film we see his children grow, his battle with rheumatoid arthritis become increasingly difficult, and his family break apart and readapt itself.  We see his vision evolve to challenge a world dulled by passivity in which the so-called good life has lost its participatory edge. 

What can we learn from his outsider art projects and non-standard family structure about finding the balances we're all in search of? 

Is there some essential piece of modern life's collective puzzle lying buried on America’s bottom-line-obsessed cutting room floor?

FREEWHEEL aims to encourage inspired shifts away from the status quo. Paul's interactive inventions are designed to draw people out into the open where they can’t help but express themselves. His central philosophy is that “fun is the universal language”, and a central goal of this film is to transmit the spirit of that message to the audience. 


In the throes of unprecedented economic and environmental instability, there is an urgent need for stories that remind us how creativity is possibly the most effective survival strategy of all. 

Through its richly layered multi-format look and feel, FREEWHEEL is its own adventure machine, re-purposing the very notion of freedom and transporting viewers into the circus-striped heart of what Paul refers to as “the spaces between”.